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When you compare a female body with a male body a, purely on a physical and chemical level, a female’s body is vastly more complicated. Therefore, a lot more things can go wrong.

To understand this a bit better, you need to understand that the reproductive cycle is governed by hormones. Hormones travel through the blood stream through out the entire body and bind with cells causing a cascading chemical change. Thats when a physiological response is found. Thats when a physiological response is found

These receptors can be found all over the body. It is for this reason women can experience so many other issues through out their cycle.

swollen, painful breasts
constipation, diarrhoea
irritability, depression, anxiety
Many of these problems disappear when we regulate your cycle.

The first line of defence is usually the contraceptive pill, which increase or decrease the levels of oestrogen or progesterone, to control your cycle. There are 5 types of pill, they certainly do the job but they’re certainly not one size fits all. As a result if one type doesn’t suit someone they’re put on another type until the desired results are found. Even after all that many women fall through the gaps.

Another problem that can arise  is when you want to fall pregnant. You have to come off the pill and in some cases all these unwanted symptoms return.

What makes acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine different is that we aim to clear the pathways hormones travel through and strengthen the body in order to create the adequate amount. This will provide the gentle nudge your body needs in order to rid your body of these symptoms and get your body to perform at its best.






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