Tips for emotional and mental health

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 1.22.51 pmIn traditional Chinese medicine the body and the spirit are considered as to be the two sides of one coin.

The use of the word “spirit” above is a translation of the word shen (character to the right), but we are referring to what people have called the soul, that little voice inside your head, or your emotional state.

A single thought can cause a physiological response in the body e.g. arousal, those goosebumps you get when you read a story, etc.

A physical change in your body can change your emotional state e.g. endorphin release after exercise, the way a hug can make you feel., etc.

This is why acupuncture can have a profound affect on your emotions.  

Our acupuncture and herbal treatments are relaxing, natural, and non-addictive solutions to mental and emotional problems that have helped people:

Reduced they’re dependancy for medications

Weened them off they’re medications

Reduced stress and irritability

Resolved anxiety

Relieved sadness or depression



Tips for emotional and mental health


Everything on earth runs by routine and so should you. For optimal health, ideally one should wake up, eat, sleep around the same time daily.



Sleeping is the time your body repairs, cleans, and rejuvenates itself best. Ideally you should be in bed and asleep by around 11pm and waking between 5-7am.



Drugs and alcohol are toxic to the body and effect the spirit easily.



Healthy mental and emotional state is just one of many benefits of regular exercise. With regular exercise you strengthen both body and soul, just do it.


Work/Life balance

As our jobs demand more of us the stress increases. Try to switch off after work and make time to enjoy your life.







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