Spring has sprung

blooming cherry treeFor those that live in colder environments you would have experienced the excitement of seeing the first signs of spring. You have survived the harsh winter, animals start to emerge with their babies and its time to start planting your crops for the year. Its time to celebrate a new cycle of life and health by taking advantage of Spring.


Spring is the time to come out of hibernation and start preparing your summer body. Arise early to absorb that fresh air, stretch your muscles and tendons, and get your heart pumping. This is an ideal time of year to start increasing your cardio workouts, get into yoga or pilates and choose exercise that is easy on your joints like cycling or swimming.


At this time of year citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, and spices are in abundance. Therefore, it is an excellent time for eating salads, spicy foods, and fruits. Reduce the amount of meat and tannins you consume.

Pungent foods like your raw onions, garlic, and spices will help with circulation, open your sinuses and prevent colds, and aid with digestion.

Sour foods like your citrus fruits, vinegars, fermented veggies will also aid digestion. We advise not to eat too much though, use them to flavour your meals or eaten as a side dish.

Dandelion BlueCommon spring illness

In clinic, hay fever is by far the most common health concern in spring. The acupuncture clinic offers quick and effective hay fever treatments that will keep your sinuses free and reduce the amount of antihistamines you take.



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