Pain Management

Whether it be back pain, headaches, muscular pain, or stomach aches acupuncture is one of the best therapies for pain. A common question for most acupuncturists is


“How does pricking me with a needle reduce pain?”


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 4.25.31 pmThe Acupuncture Clinic will use a combination of techniques to reduce pain depending on your situation.

Acupuncture will open the channels around muscles and surrounding tissues. The idea is to clear up the areas surrounding the area of pain, increase blood flow, release knots. In some points nerves are triggered providing relief over larger areas of pain, for example, points in the lower back, buttocks, and legs are needled for sciatica.

 Moxabustion will warm the site of pain. The heat will cause tissues and blood vessels to expand to increase blood flow. Heat can also increase enzymatic activity and other metabolic process used in the healing process.  

Cupping is one of the most requested therapies in the clinic. It works by creating a vacuum in a glass cup that pulls the skin up. The tension causes the finer blood vessel to burst creating bruises. The interesting thing is the bruising isn’t painful and will only occur in areas that are affected.  

Linaments prepared from traditional Chinese herbs can be used externally. They are similar in action to Tiger balm or Deep Heat. They are often aromatic and will make the area tingle.

Herbal medicine is used more for internal aches and pains of a more chronic nature. As your body is unique a tailored herbal prescription is written and we can offer you a variety of ways to prepare and consume your herbs.


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