Living with the seasons

iStock_000034028566_XXXLarge“if you eat correctly you don’t need medicine, if you exercise correctly you don’t need acupuncture”

Knowing what is appropriate for when is a traditional Chinese practise for longevity. Those that practiced this were documented living very long lives despite the disease, famine and poverty surrounding them.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of circadian rhythms. These are the times in which the body performs certain tasks. By doing certain things at certain times you are saving your body a lot of energy and allowing it to perform more efficiently.

Like when you swim into shore, you could swim into shore when the current is pulling you out and spend a lot energy getting there or you could wait to a wave pushes you in and its get there easily.

  •  The body works most efficiently when wake at around sunrise. Followed by light exercise, a good bowel movement, and light breakfast.
  • Its around the 9am heart is pumping efficiently so good time to start work, whether mental or physical the body is ready for it.
  • 1pm is lunch time. Lunch should be the biggest meal of the day.
  • The stomach is a hard working organ therefore after lunch it is common to get that afternoon slump. If possible have a short nap.
  • Sunset is the time that you should be winding down for the evening with a light dinner.
  • Aim to be in bed and asleep around 11pm. When you are sleeping your body goes in to regeneration and rejuvenation.

In reality your body doesn’t follow the clock it follows sunrise, sunset, environmental influences, and seasonal changes.

However, to help keep your body healthy and adaptable to change something interesting is happening. Seasonal fruits and veggies mature and ripen at different times of year and their associated flavours play a role in health and really help to promote bodily functions when they need it.

To help your body maintain an equilibrium with nature click the links below. Each contain recommended exercises, foods, and habits appropriate for the time of year.


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