How often should I get acupuncture?

Imagine paying your doctor when you were healthy then when you become ill payment would stop until you were well again. How would this idea change health care?

This was once a reality, during the 1600’s a group of Chinese doctors implemented this idea and it changed the dynamic of traditional Chinese medical health care.

The genius of this idea was that it saw that mediocre health care was not rewarded financially. So doctors not only studied curing ill health but also looked at diet, exercise regimes, daily routines, and environmental influences that could influence your health.

It also laid out a treatment plan into 3 phases:

Relieve – this phase is all about relieving you of your initial health complaint. Weekly visits.

Restore – this phase is all about strengthening your body so your health problem won’t return. Fortnightly visits.

Prevent – this phase is about nipping the bud of any future health problems. Monthly visits.





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