Preventative health care with traditional Chinese medicine

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In ancient China, people would pay their doctors when they were healthy. They would visit once or twice a month, be prescribed various herbs or acupuncture, and be on their way. When they became sick they would stop paying their doctor and increase the frequency of visits.

This is because the ancient Chinese understood the importance of preventative health care.

People do not just wake up with serious disease like heart disease or cancer. These diseases take years to develop and over those years the body gives you clues that things are not working well. These clues could be things minor discomforts like indigestion or cold hands and feet, or a bit more debilitating symptoms like frequent colds and flues or insomnia. If these signs and symptoms are persisting they should be addressed, not ignored. These type of health problems are your body’s way of telling you something is not working correctly.

Traditional Chinese medicine has over 5000 years of development and history. In that time it was used as a primary health care system to treat all health problems. From tooth aches, to mental illness, to heart disease, to smallpox and everything in between. Then during the 1800s china started to open the doors to the west. At this time medical ideas merged and when better treatment methods came around they replaced the older methods. What remained irreplaceable was acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are natural, non addictive treatments to a large range of health complaints. These treatments are slower acting and much gentler on the body in comparison with mainstream medicine. The advantage to this being the reduction of unwanted effects making it ideal of preventative health care.

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