Cold and Flu Recovery

Everyone gets a cold or flu, the sign of good health is the frequency and duration of them. If you are taking  longer than a week to get over your symptoms then this article is for you.

Stay rested

Take the day off work, don’t go out tonight, avoid over using your energy. Save that energy for a quicker recovery.


If you feel the need for exercise then go for it. Don’t over do it though, as a rule a light sweat is okay but exercising to the point of exhaustion is going to set you back.

Don’t take antibiotics

Antibiotics are for bacteria and will not help your cold or flu as it is caused by a virus.

Drink water

When we say drink water we mean water. Tea and coffee is made from water but have diuretic effect, which will make you go to the bathroom more. Juices and soft drinks are full of sugar. And alcohol should just be avoided all together.

Drink water

Stay warm

Chills and fevers are an indicator of how you body is responding the virus. To put it simply chills are your body’s way of producing enough heat to produce a fever, which in turn, is used to try and destroy the virus.

Staying warm helps your body to achieve this but don’t overheat.

In babies, fevers do need to be monitored closely. More information here

Stop Smoking

We get it, your feeling unwell and with cravings on top of all this any relief will do. If you can’t stop smoking then at least reduce the quantity you smoke.


What to eat

Simple clean meals should be eaten while you are unwell.

  • Steaming, roasting, or lightly frying using minimal oil keeps your food clean and easy to digest.
  • White meats are favourable over red meats.
  • For dry coughs seaweed, bamboo, and savoury soups will help.
  • Steam your veggies.

What to avoid

A lot of comfort foods fall into this category but think of your long term goal to get over this illness quickly.

  • Excessively spicy foods can prolong the duration of a cough. Examples include raw garlic, raw onion, raw ginger, chilli, and wasabi.
  • Excessively sweet foods and dairy can increase phlegm production.
  • Avoid consuming raw foods and foods straight from he refrigerator. Warm foods are preferable.
  • No alcohol.

How does herbal medicine help?

A large portion of herbal medicine is dedicated to lingering pathogens like colds and flus alone. Many treatment options available.

Prescriptions are tailored to the individual and usually contain anti-microbial herbs, herbs that soothe symptoms and boost immune function.

If you are the type of person that takes a long time to recover then book an appointment with us today.



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