The Acupuncture Clinic

Living with the seasons

“if you eat correctly you don’t need medicine, if you exercise correctly you don’t need acupuncture” Knowing what is appropriate for when is a traditional Chinese practise for longevity. Those that practiced this were documented living very long lives despite the disease, famine and poverty surrounding them. Rhythm I’m sure you’ve all heard of circadian rhythms. These […]


Summer is back, the warm weather is providing more than enough energy to keep you active and motivated. But how can you make the most of this glorious season? Exercise Summer is an excellent time to build your strength up. Strength training, endurance sports, stretching are easier in summer. In fact, there are not many […]

Spring has sprung

For those that live in colder environments you would have experienced the excitement of seeing the first signs of spring. You have survived the harsh winter, animals start to emerge with their babies and its time to start planting your crops for the year. Its time to celebrate a new cycle of life and health […]

Preventative health care with traditional Chinese medicine

Dig the well before you’re thirsty In ancient China, people would pay their doctors when they were healthy. They would visit once or twice a month, be prescribed various herbs or acupuncture, and be on their way. When they became sick they would stop paying their doctor and increase the frequency of visits. This is […]

Cold and Flu Recovery

Everyone gets a cold or flu, the sign of good health is the frequency and duration of them. If you are taking  longer than a week to get over your symptoms then this article is for you. Stay rested Take the day off work, don’t go out tonight, avoid over using your energy. Save that […]

5 tips for winter health

Winter is here, get cosy, grab a warm beverage, and prepare yourself for some ancient wisdom that has been passed down through the centuries. As the temperature drops the cold causes water to freeze, some animals hibernate, deciduous trees have dropped they’re leaves to conserve energy. The cold also slows metabolism and the effects of […]

Tips for emotional and mental health

In traditional Chinese medicine the body and the spirit are considered as to be the two sides of one coin. The use of the word “spirit” above is a translation of the word shen (character to the right), but we are referring to what people have called the soul, that little voice inside your head, […]

Pain Management

Whether it be back pain, headaches, muscular pain, or stomach aches acupuncture is one of the best therapies for pain. A common question for most acupuncturists is   “How does pricking me with a needle reduce pain?”   The Acupuncture Clinic will use a combination of techniques to reduce pain depending on your situation. Acupuncture […]

Tips for Autumn Health

To live in accordance with the seasons is a traditional Chinese practise for longevity. Autumn is a transitional season. A time when the abundant energy from the summer declines to make provisions for the hibernation of winter. This can be seen throughout the natural world. Crops have reached full maturity and are ready for harvest […]

Traditional Chinese Understanding of Healthy Exercise

There is a saying in Chinese medicine “if you eat right you don’t need medicine, if you exercise right you don’t need acupuncture”, which begs the big question what is right? We’ll discuss traditional eastern ideals and understandings of exercise that can be used as a guide to healthier exercise.  In many sports and activities, […]